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Tree Ferns

Does anyone know anything about tree ferns??  I have a magnificent example which has always produced loads of large fronds every year, but last year only a few tiny fronds appeared (the trunk is about 4ft tall).  I always protect it from frost.  Somebody said I could saw a length off of the trunk and repot this section - any advice would be very welcome image


  • Arid AlArid Al Posts: 8

    Sounds like you've done the right thing for frost protection; but remember, it's the crown that needs the help. I used some old scrunched up foam packaging (the stuff usually wrapped around electrical goods) the last 3years, but didn't do it over this winter. Despite this, it looks healthy enough and still has 3 very broad, deep green fronds on display.

    However, these didn't appear until at least late August 2012. I think the bizarre weather has thrown it's growing habits out of sync. No new growth visible as yet!

    Sawing the trunk? I'd want a professional to give the thumbs up on this: as you know, these ferns take a loooong time to get to anything near 4ft!

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