Honeysuckle another plant with voucher

scotkatscotkat Posts: 196

Just got 1 more voucher to spend.

I have spent wise and got a lot for my £100 of garden vouchers.

Buts heavy rain and cant get it planted.







  • Scotkat, did you get a letter published?  I keep getting my thrifty tips published, the vouchers are a godsend!

    I agree spent wisely they can go a long way, and mine are always saved up until I have enough vouchers or vouchers and money for something I really need.  Excited as I've now got enough for a cultiweeder and a bit left over for bedding or something!

  • scotkatscotkat Posts: 196

    No MMP did get a Congratulations letter along with the vouchers from the daily paper.

    I have bought 3  RHS pots,Camelia Spring Festival,2 Golden Showers Climbing Roses, 1 Iceberg Rose and 1 Glenfiddoch Rose, 2 Apline campanulas, and many new fuchsias.And tomatoe feed for my fuchsias.

    And still got  1 £10 voucher left.



  • I love climbing roses, I have the white feather and it was covered in flowers last year.  I also have blue moon, and that didn't even bother to show a bud last year.  I always try to enter any competitions for garden related stuff (and some other stuff, too), I had my first major win, ever last week, I won a 32 inch telly!

    It's a great feeling when you win something, especially if it's something you really want but can't really afford or justify.  I bet you hang onto that last voucher until you see something you really want!

    Why don't you take some before and after shots when you put the roses in, and see if you can't get some vouchers from GW magazine as well?  That would be fab.  Also you can get free plants with your clubcard vouchers if you collect clubcard points.

  • MMP how great to win a tv. You must have been delighted with £100 Scotkat.

    Our local GC has a scheme where if you are a member of Newhaven gardening club you get a card which gives a token for £1 for plants for every £10 spent. It is really nice to decide what to get for free!!

  • scotkatscotkat Posts: 196

    What a great idea BPK and another Garden Centre a drive of afew miles gives you a 5% discount if you have a buss pass or are 60.


    Well thats all my vouchers spent now as I nipped up to Brechin Castle Garden Cetre for  some alpine plants and could not pass the fuchsias with out buying 1.

    So I have bought Megan and its got many cuttings read to use as cutting material.



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