Do my Blueberries need feeding?

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Hi there,

I have two blueberry bushes in pots (in the greenhouse to keep them from critters). This is their third year, and have had good crops in years one and two.

They are just coming into flower now - should I be feeding them with something ?  If so, what with and when?

Many thanks

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  • grannysalgrannysal Posts: 12

    I have five blueberry plants - and have never ever fed them.  Each year they give me a bumper crop in their turn - but this year I notice not so many flowers as usual - could they now need something else from me?

  • I have two bushes in pots and two in the ground.  I usually give them a top dressing of sedge peat (which is not endangered) and also give them a drench with liquid seaweed feed. They grow well and give me a good crop, especially the ones in the pots.  I don't know whether regional conditions affect the plants but I live in Somerset and it's a tad cooler here than it is in the south of the country.


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    I feed mine an ericaceous top dressing feed every spring to compensate for harsh winters which often kill off a few branches that the shrubs then replace with new shoots.  I get good crops - except last year when the blossoms were frozen by a late and heavy frost.

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    Hi This is only the 2nd year with mine, they are in pots. They already have flowers so I gave them an ericaceous liquid feed,

    I was not sure if this would help with fruit production or not but did feel, after the winter that they needed a boost.

  • chickychicky SurreyPosts: 7,198

    Lovely - many thanks all.  I will give them a liquid feed this weekend - I've got some seaweed+iron, so hope that suits them. 

    Verd - one day they will come out of the GH - waiting for the hedge round our future veg patch to get thick enough to stop the deer wandering through.  In the meantime they stay inside - discovered in year 1 that deer like munching blueberry leavesimage

    The Stone Age didn’t end because they ran out of stones ......
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