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danphne Aureomarginata

Can anyone help i have a daphne growing in a pot in full sunshine and over the past few weeks the leaves have started to fall off. It is potted in john inners no 2 compost and fed abpout once a month any idea whats going on?


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,358

    Have you kept it watered Andrew? Anything in a pot needs more attention than in the ground, and even though this hasn't been a brilliant summer anywhere, potted plants dry out quickly and rainwater doesn't access the soil in a pot easily because of foliage. 

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  • PosyPosy Posts: 3,601

    This is certainly a sign of stress. I don't find that they grow very well in pots - they are quite fussy. On thing I would do is move it into part shade: they are not sun lovers, and check that it is never soaked or dry.

  • I would emphasize the word 'fussy' in Posy's reply.  Here is a photo of two Daphne aureomarginata, bought from the same supplier at the same time, potted in exactly the same compost (JI No.3) and kept side-by-side.  One has romped away and all the other one has done is drop the odd leaf;  It is no larger now than a year ago!


    Actually I will use the phrase 'extraordinarily finicky'. image

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  • thanks fairygirl i do water every other day and with gravel on top, the soil does not dry out as quick. I will try putting it in part shade and see what happens. thanks to all i'll keep you posted.

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