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cutting from a Hebe

Please can anyone tell me how to propagte a hebe, with out a growing globe? Can I treat the cuttings like lavender or hydranger?



  • jo4eyesjo4eyes Posts: 2,058

    They're pretty easy to do/take IME, but you may find that it could be getting too cool for success now, but certainly worth trying.

    Try & get a non flowering shoot...if not poss snip off the flower. Cut cleanly beneath a node, dip into hormone rooting powder/liquid, shake off the excess & push cutting around the edge of a pot filled with say cutting/seed compost, but any MP should be fine too.

    Take several more cuttings & I'd also use a plastic bag over the whole using an elastic band to secure. Oh & label pot too.

    Water pot & put the whole into a coldframe, if you've got one, or say beneath a piece of glass leaning against a part shade wall & forget about it!

    Come next Spring I'd investigate- remove the covering bag. You'll now need to watch re water needs...As the weather warms up any new growth should be obvious.

    If it's failed, try again early summer when success should be easier. Good luck, J.

  • I agree with Jo, and also agree that it might be a wee bit late unless you have a greenhouse. I have found that cuttings from hebes take very well, and my last garden would testify to that. 

  • jo4eyesjo4eyes Posts: 2,058

    Forgot to say...after cutting beneath a node remove, preferably with a sharp knife, not fingers.... some of the lower leaves. When you shove the cutting into compost I tend to go in to the next set of leaves, J.

  • Thank you both, I wont be removing the mother plant, so nothing to lose, thanks again.

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