what to do with shaded area by fence

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please see the right hand side of this photo, which was taken at 6.30am this morning:


continuation: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b0yfnvhkme7nm62/IMAG0519.jpg

anything from the left of the trellis, right up to the top right corner of the fence, gets no sun at all past about 12ish. the photo aspect is facing mostly east-south, the sun rising about 45 degress to the left of the photo, next doors fence on the left (yes, that crappy horrible green fence is NOT ours!) faces the sun south. the soil is very acidic, heavy clay, and the top right corner particularly gets no sun at all due to the back fence, and thus has moss and other weed issues.

im not really sure what to do with it to be honest. i would like a compost bin/area, and maybe a growhouse too, would these be suitable places to put them? the growhouse in particular, would that need some sun? i have nowhere else to put these two see, behind the trellis in the second picture is owned by the council so we cannot make use of that space image

help ..

any suggestions would be great!


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    I would put the growhouse in the sunnier side of the garden.  It could help hide the tatty green fence along with some shrubs or maybe some climbers on trellis at the edge of your lawn.   For the shadier, right hand side, there are meany evergreen shrubs in the rhododendron, azalea and pieris families that would do well but you would need to dig in plenty of well rotted manure and/or garden compost or soil improver to help open up the clay soil. 

    You could hide a compost bin area in the back corner with a trellis panel in front and then the shrubs and maybe a rose or honeysuckle to climb up the trellis - not a clematis as they prefer alkaline soil..    

    The Vendée, France
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    Cheers. I actually considered a pond too on the right hand side. On the left, I'm waiting to see who actually owns that fence ... we cannot find out from our deeds and paperwork. The likelihood is we will replace it and that side is what you first see from the living room window, so I'm loathe to put a growhouse there as the main view.

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    Gorwhouses need light so maybe put it at the sunniest end of the other side.   You could still have apond but bring it further in with shrubs at the back to break up teh boundary and also provide shelter for any amphibians that come to live in iIT;  To help with habitat, you could put down a mulch of bark chippings and a few bits of old log under the shrubs and some gorund cover plants such as geranium macrorhizum which does well in shade.

    Generally speaking with fences, the rule is that the supposrts go on the owner's side and the panels on the other.   You could always have a chat with your neighbours about straightening it up or replacing it and also painting your side a clolour fo your choice.

    The Vendée, France
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    Hi, I second what Obelixx has said, but do speak with the neighbours  in question regarding the fence.

    I know of 4 neighbours who have put up 8 foot fences(not allowed here) and put the supports on the wrong side too.(For better aesthetics.) Bye the way, the council makes the regulations but is reluctant get involved with the problemimage

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