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soil where does it go

Hi gardeners.

I seem to have a problem,

When I fill a plant pot or tub with compost,and pat it down, then I will plant a few seeds or seedlings,but the compost seems to disappear as if I have not filled it in the first place,even with my hanging basket. Where does it go? how can I ensure its full for me to plant, should I pat it down. What am I doing wrong?




  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Audrie, worry not, soil will move.
    You mix it then put it in the pot or tray and it will be full of air, as you water the seed in and it settles yes it will sink.
    I mix my seed mix then fill the pot tray and tap it lightly on the bench to settle it then  top up if needed, scatter the seed and cover lightly with sieved compost or grit.
    The compost needs to be porous for the seedlings to push the roots down although some roots can pass through concrete.
    Most soil compost will be fibrous and will sink when dry or swell when wet, just keep your pots and trays moist, too much water can kill seedlings.


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