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Ideas for honeysuckle and jasmine support - and scent!

I'm wanting to grow a honeysuckle and a summer flowering jasmine against my 6' high lap fence.  Can you advise on the kind of support they would need?  And which varieties of these shrubs have the strongest scent?  Thank you!


  • LokelaniLokelani Posts: 112

    Mine are on the trellis attached to the fence & up trees.

    I never actually notice the scent of the jasmine unless I sniff the blooms directly. I have the traditional white one & a red one that I'm not sure even has a scent. 

    The garden on a warm summer evening is sometimes filled with the scent of one of the honeysuckles though. Just on rare evenings, when the sun has been just right! I have planted several more & get no scent from them at all though, really annoyingly. So you have to choose the right variety, I'm afraid mine was already here when we moved in, so no idea on variety or I would have planted more of that one nearer the house.

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