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jimpypjimpyp Posts: 9

hi...any suggestions on what plant do you think will compliment purple and white heather?



  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609 you like conifers jimpyp..? there are prostrate varieties that I think look nice with heathers.   Mine are growing with Juniperus horizontalis 'Blue Chip'...  see if something like that might suit.. as it's name implies, it's blue...image

    ...oooh... or that lovely picea Verdun's mentioned there.. just saw that..

  • jimpypjimpyp Posts: 9

    thank you need to excuse my ignorance in the process of starting a small rockery sitting on top of a base of grey limstone aggregate. i havn`t any plants in place just now but i really like the heathers, so im using these as a start. i also like the idea of conifers but i would like to keep the height of them down to a minimum, are dwarf conifers available? i also like alpine type plants. i spent my lunch break today wandering around a garden center, a first for me. i wanted to buy everythingimage.....the area is also part shaded ,so im looking for something i can pop in the middle of the rocks with the heathers surrounding it. i thank you for taking an intrest and helping me out,hopefully i will get better with my gardening terminoligy over the coming months....imageforgot to mention i have a wee bairn running about my garden,eating and touching everything in sight image

    so plants with sharp edges and non edible fruits are outimage

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