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Transplanting seedlings

Have planted flower seeds, the tray is now covered with seedlings, how do I transplant.  Do I pull them up, use tweezers or what?  Or should I just thin them out and leave them a bit longer in same tray?  Also planted sweet pea seeds that seem to have disappeared and compost has gone green, did I overwater?  


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    When they get their true leaves, not just the seedling leaves, then ease them up carefully with the help of a plastic plant label or a pencil. Have ready your compost filled flower pots and holding a seedling by it's leaves, not the stem, ease it carefully into a hole you've made in the flower pot with your finger or a pencil. Gently push the earth around it and water using a fine watering can rose. Don't forget to label them. Sounds as though you did overwater the sweet peas.


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