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Pruning a Privet hedge

Good afternoon,

Perhaps someone could give me some advice? The privet hedge that runs along the party wall (line) at the front of my house, is planted on my neighbours side.  It is well kept and looks lovely on their side of the fence. It is however very patchy and in poor condition on my side, due to years of little or no attention.  I would like to trim/prune it back, but have been told that it is 'dead' on my side. Is this possible? Dead on one side , not on the other. Or am I able to trim it back aggressively 10/12 inches, in the hope that it will begin to recover?


  • CalendulaCalendula Posts: 69

    Im my experience it is impossible to kill privet and it benefits from really hard pruning. Now is probably not the best time to do it (there may be birds nesting) but you certainly won't do it any harm in the long run.

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 49,201

    Calendula is right -you can cut back privet no problem and it gives it a new lease of life. Leave till birds have gone then get chopping! Giving it a good water, feed and mulch when you do so will get it away to a good start image

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  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    It may also be less full on your side if the sun comes at a different angle from that of  your neighbour.  Indeed, prune hard later on when nesting is over, feed, feed and then water, water and then leave alone for a year or so - if it can recover, it will.   A year of lack of attention won't do a decent privet much harm at all - if it looks tatty now, it has suffered longer than that - but can be imporved. 

    My neighbour has a lovely red rose that fills our side of the fence with lovely flowers, but not his, mine faces south, his, therefore,  north - so of course I get the flowers.  We have installed a fence with spaces between the lathes, this has improved matters no end for him, besides breaking up the wind instead of just causing it to swirl round damagaing everything.  

  • Grubby1Grubby1 Posts: 4

    Many 'Thanks' for your help and advice. Chrs.

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