Cauli, sprouts and cabbages

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A few days ago I bought a tray each of these with plants about 3 inches high kept outside in a garden centre. Since then I've kept them in an unheated conservatory. How important - if at all -  is it to harden them off. I was thinking of planting them out today. I live in the South of England and the weather looks good for the next few days at least.

Any thoughts?



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    I planted out some plugs of Savoy cabbage on the 14th of April as I was having foot surgery the following day so they had to go in.   They've been OK so far though we may still get frosts.   However, by then they'll have hardened off.

    The Vendée, France
  • Greg2Greg2 Posts: 12

    Thanks, I'm chomping at the bit to get planting!

  • Hi Greg,

    Hardening off plants is something which is often overlooked. At this time of year, we can have warm days and cold nights. plants which have been kept in a conservatory  or greenhouse may be shocked by the cold. This shocking can 'check' the plant which means it stops growing or growth slows considerably for a few weeks.

    Hardening off is simple and you only need do it for 5 - 7 days before planting out. Highly recommended, especially if you've paid good money for the plants.

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    Surely if they were outside at the garden centre they will already be hardened off and should be okay to plant out.

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