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Help! Pest nipping the tops off baby plants

I have lots of baby clematis grown from cuttings in 3 inch pots. The last few days I have noticed the tops on some have been nipped off. Not eaten - the tops are lying untouched on the soil in the pots. No sign of slugs or snails as I have pelleted the greenhouse a couple of weeks ago, and no slime trails anywhere. Can't be mice - we have 3 cats so they have to be very brave! Only seems to have happened with the smaller/shorter plants. Some of the tops nipped off are quite big. Very puzzled...

This is in the greenhouse, btw...


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Cats do sleep sometimes!! Sounds mouse like, or worse rat like - I suppose as in the greenhouse unlikely to my immediate suspects, pigeons.  I wonder if there are large beetles that like to do thse things?  I still suspect mouses, in spite of the cats.  

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