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Drainage and new topsoil


We are new to this page but it looks great. Look forward to sharing some ideas.I was hoping for some advice on our lawn area. We just dug up the topsoil (15cm) and got rid of all the rocks, branches and levelled it.  

The issue is that I checked cost of replacing new topsoil and its coming close to a grand. I'm thinking of ordering a bit and raking back the old topsoil to lower the costs. We will use lawn seeds.

My questions are mainly on drainage:

- Would I need to put down Pea gravel or sharp sand under the new top soil? The soil isn't to clay and there is a natural slope towards bottom of the garden.

- If yes, which is better for drainage? 

- If the total depth we dug out is 15cm, how thick is the layer of pea gravel\sand? 


thanks for your help image



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