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New to gardening

I used various tips on using lawn seed...they have come up, but it all looks rather my questions is will the lawn spread?..or should I need to use more seeds and grow in until it looks more patched and healthy?







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    If you put the seed down at the right rate, the lawn should grow OK.  If you apply more seed  to the patches now they may be over-seeded.

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    My efforts at lawn making all looked a bit patchy on first germination but turned out OK in the end. I blamed heavy rain for washing some about but probably down to my haphazard sowing technique

  • Hi Deev8,

    When did you sow your seed? I re-did my lawn about 2 years back, sowing late september to early october. By January my lawn was looking reasonably well as below but I did sow my seed pretty thick. (It was pretty tricky keeping the dogs off, despite the fencing).



  • Update: Thanks to my dog I now have a lovely 4 inch deep / 12 inch wide hole in my lawn. She was trying to hide her Kong where her sister wouldn't find it, so a bit of fast growing lawn repair seed is needed. Not a happy chappy after all that hard work....

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    Hello , thanks , I only put the seed a few weeks ago, its come up, still patchy, but ive put more seed, so hopefully it will get covered image


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