I am being palgued with gnats all over my garden. it is impossible to go out there to work. The walls and fence panels are covered and hovering in the air and on the plants. I live near a resevoir and they are usually in swarms there. There is also a works yard at the back of the  house for the water company and they are drilling a bore hole.  Could this be the problem and any ideas how i get rid of them or at least reduce the numbers.  image


  • Move or-

    Encourage birds into the garden-

    failing that-


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,250

    Are these biting insects? 

  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,569
    Hi baj as has been said many times here Avon Skin so soft does the trick, just try it

  • Hi Bajangirl,

    There are some Nematodes called Sciarid Fly nematodes that you can buy to try to tackle the problem, but to be honest with the water so close you might be fighting a  losing battle aganst them, but then again for about £10 for a pack it might be worth a go so you can enjoy your garden.

  • bajangirlbajangirl Posts: 15

    Thanks I am so desperate I am willing to try anything and everything.  I have been like a she-devil swatting the walls but it only sends them into a frenzy as you can imagine.

  • MalloryMallory Posts: 7

    Our garden is like one big swarm of gnats. The garden to our left is even worse but the one to our right is slightly better. We had the same problem at about this time last year but never any problem before that.The only weird thing is that our L side neighbours took out a long-standing fish pond in the Autumn before last. We would have expected this to have improved things NOT cause a problem. 

    Any ideas please. PS The gnats think I am a meal on legs!!


  • bajangirlbajangirl Posts: 15

    Thanks Edd just watched the video on youtube and will definitely give it a go the little beasties are back again although not in such a large concentration this year.

  • MalloryMallory Posts: 7

    Thanks Edd. I was about to make a Midge Magnet this morning but Mother Nature helped me out - we had quite a sharp frost last night and it seems to have killed them all off! image

    I am sure that it wont be long before the next batch hatch out so I will keep my bottles handy and my son can always be relied upon to provide a very sweaty sock!

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