Black Lichen (black spots)on stonework

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There is finally a solution to removing these dreaded black spots from your patio. At Patio Black Spot Removal Co. LTD we have over 25years of experience in Stone Masonary and Stone Restoration. Due to recieving a huge amount of enquiries regarding the removal of Black Lichen from patios we focused on creating a safe, non corrosive, biodegradable and pet and child friendly DIY product that can do just that. Patio Black Spot Removal is the one and only product available on the market that can remove the black Lichen. Please take a moment to look at our website or phone and enquire.



  • CJS1CJS1 Posts: 1

    We have very successfully removed black spot/ lichen from our patio and other paved areas using a solution of thick bleach (diluted 2.5 parts bleach by 1 part water).  Using a garden hand pressure pump/spray, we left the bleach solution on for approximately one hour before hosing it off.  Has worked perfectly at a fraction of the cost of so-called specialised removal solutions.

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    I love my lichen. I have black, green, yellow, brown, grey and even orange. Beautiful.

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    Why on earth would you want to remove lichen ?

    Does every bit of stone have to be pristine these days ?  

    Give the ads a rest for heavens sakeimage


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