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Rose cuttings

PanoplyPanoply Posts: 75

Hope this is an okay place to ask this.

A relative has recently died and I'd like to take a cutting from the roses in her garden. They travelled here via cutting in the 60s so it's important to us to keep them going.

How should I go about doing a rose cutting? I know one is definitely a Peace rose, though I'm not sure about the other, something similar. I've done some research but all advice says to do it in the autumn and to remove all leaves or leave one at the top. Well, since it's spring there aren't any leaves, but there are a lot of leaf buds and new branches emerging. Should I pull these all off? I am worried if I pull off the new leaves and branches then they won't be able to regrow there.

Furthermore, what sort of soil should I put them in? What sort of environment should I keep them in? How long should I expect to wait before there are any roots? The weather is so changeable at the moment with hot sunny days and cold nights I'm worried wherever I put them they will not enjoy it.

Thank you for any advice you can give.


  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    well I have a lot of cuttings from my mothers garden from roses that were popular in the 60 s.I take cuttings regularly mainly autumn time when i am pruning or when I am cutting the roses back.I put then in a good compost soil ,taking a heel from the stem i cut and put in a pot at the edge of the rim along with  a few more and keep outside ,water and look for signs of new growth,then trans fer to a bigger pot or like I do stick them straight in the soil,I have a few good sized ones now.take a chance and keep the memory alive.

  • Gold1locksGold1locks Posts: 498

    I take mine in early autumn (mid September). 10" long, pencil thick, in a narrow trench dug around 8" deep with some sharp sand in the bottom, and just let them get on with it. I don't disturb them for almost 18 months, lifting them in March to go into their final position. I get 50% success, so I take extra. I currently have eight that I have just dug up and put in some old David Austion pots ready to give away to friends! 

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