Golden courgette

Can't find any small plants anywhere, so wondered if I am still in time to germinate some seeds indoors?

Only want a couple of plants as I'm growing them in pots!

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  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619

    I think you'd be fine. Everything's about 6 weeks behind.

  • Thanks Figrat image Hope they do ok in a ones in bed last year were ruined by fungus as it was so wet...

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    Now is the time. Only sowed my seeds last week.

    Last year was so damp, I don't think many people escaped that give it a try again.

  • Hi Jess,

    Don't forget, if you're growing a greedy feeder like a courgette in a pot, you may need to feed it throughout the season.

  • thanks Matty and AW - you've given me some courage!

  • By the way, what's the best variety for a container and possibly for a smaller space?

    Just had a look at these seeds and my mind boggled!


  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,820

    T&M do one that is more upright and takes a lot less space  called 'Venus'

  • Thanks Matty image

  • It better not be too late, as I've just recieved some seeds in another magazine I subscribe to!!

    I planted some ordinary courgette seeds last weekend, in a windowsill propogator using jiffy 7 pellets.  They're already pushing the top off the propogator.  I put the top back on at night to keep them a bit warmer, as they're in the sunniest bedroom (my son's), so there are thermal blackout curtains up in there (otherwise he'd be up with the sun in the summer), so it can get cold at night on the windowsill.

    I really need to pot them on very soon, the roots have raced through the nets, and are starting to look for more compost.  I'm gettiing very good results using the coir pellets, I don't think I will be going back to ordinary seed compost any time soon.  They don't take up loads of space, either, so will be buying these again.

  • Coir pellets?

    And there was me thinking compost with a sprinkle of vermiculite was quite advanced image

  • hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,289

    Me too Jessimage. Got a few black beauty types on the go, they have chunky first veg and a few herbs a first go here

  • Coir pellets are dead easy.  Put some in the bottom of your windowsill propogator, dimple side up, add some tepid water, they swell to 3-4 times their size, then shove the seeds in and off you go.  The pumpkin and courgette seeds I sowed last weekend are already up and have a great root system, the tomatoes I started in ordinary seed compost are only just showing through.  Not sure if tomatoes are slower to germinate than courgettes and pumpkin, but I'm really impressed with the pellets, and won't bother buying seed compost again.  I originally bought the windowsill propogator with 18 pellets in from Amazon, but the postage is as much as the item, so if you can find them in your local GC, that might be cheaper, they are also on ebay, and the postage isn't quite as much (and only another 50p if you want more than one of them).  Green Gardener sell replacement pellets, apparently they're just right for germinating seeds as the air/water balance is right, and as the structure is so open they stay quite warm (if in a warm room).  Don't know how they'll get on when the roots hanging out of the bottom get plonked in some chilly compost, I will let you know if they have a hissy fit.

    Much less mess than compost and vermiculite, important if you're nesh like me and do a lot of sowing in the kitchen.  Keep hoping for a small lotto win so I can buy a shed and go and hide in there!

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    Not ever heard of the before MMP, love the word nesh, I've been called that beforeimage


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    @ Jess, a good courgette for containers is Midnight F1. I've grown it in a 12 inch pot, great for small sunny spots.Needs lots of liguid feed to get a reasonable crop.


  • Hi have you tried delfland nurseries, I get nearly all my veg plants & seeds from them.

  • oooh thanks for all the tips!

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