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Dying Off Daffs

Hi, can anyone advise me what to do now that my Tete a Tetes are dying off please? I am never sure whether I am supposed to tie up, feed etc for next year. Also I have a few that I would like to move, is this possible?


  • Do not tie up

    Dead head-give a general feed-chicken pellets will do and let them die back naturally

    If you are going to move them -do it now so you know where they are-but again after moving let them die back naturally

  • Yes, always let bulbs die down naturally, and please don't torture them by tying up their foliage. Some gardeners used to do this to make old foliage look tidier, but just be patient as they're actually feeding teh bulbs that will multiply and build-up to flower is future years.

    Like lazy gardener, I alwasy pick off the old faded flower heads to prevent them wasting energy forming seed heads. Just pick off teh head, leaving the stalk to die down in its own time.

    However, unlike lazy gardener I prefer drenching soil around clumps of established bulbs with a generous watering can or two of a liquid feed solution, as this gets straight to work. If conditions stay dry there's a chance that pelleted chicken manure will not dissolve and reach the roots, and won't be of any benefit to the bulbs at all.


  • MeomyeMeomye Posts: 879

    Thanks for the replies, I am so glad you cleared up the tying up myth !

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