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Bramble nightmare

Hi guys,

I've recently cleared away approx. 20sqm of dead shrubs only to find I have a complete bramble root system running through the area. How on earth do I get rid of it without killing off any trees or plants that are also in the area?

Digging it up is hopeless, there's too much and I disturb other roots.

It's driving me bonkers!!! image





  • Would that work with the millions of little bramble shoots that I have coming up too?

    I'm worried it might poison the soil.

  • Thanks Verdun.

  • hi keep digging dry the cuttings and have a fire on top of where you are digging and eventually you will get them however once the hard work done keep a touch weed stick for any shoots that you may have missed.

    it is easier to control them when they are small its when they are out of control i have many a scar,scratch with them catching my legs at the allotment.

    i have a routine which is when i go to the garden any time i plan 30 minutes weeding and it works if you keep to the routine

    happy gardening

  • Thanks Chris. I actually just went through the lot with my electric tiller and that seems to have brought up quite a lot.

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