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Conifers perishing?

Hi,  I am new to gardeners world, hello everyone.

I bought ten lovely conifers in beautiful condition from a garden centre,to eventually grow conical in shape. Now having potted them on as I was waiting for the weather to improve to put them in ground, I  find they have brown tips and look as though they are perishing...I put limestone pebbles in the bottom for drainage [the type of shale often seen at the seaside] and potted them up with ericaceous compost then added a bark mulch and another layer of shale [to make the pot heavy] to the top to keep the pots from rocking.. I'm gutted not least about what they cost but the fact they look so helpless, somewhat like me.. anyone any ideas how I can save these trees.


  • dannyboy10dannyboy10 Posts: 127

    ericaceous compost for conifers?

    not sure but I think this is wrong.

  • Ericaceous soil if fine if its lime free.Oak leaves or Pine needles are fine for conifers of all types.


  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    It would not be acidic/ericaceous soil if it had lime in it (such as spent mushroom compost). I would ditch the limestone and use something else as drainage. The browning can just be wind burn, lack/too much water or frost damage. A lot of confiers have browned new growth from the late frosts earlier in April. Depending on type of conifer I would be tempted to prune it off. New growth might just hide it though.

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