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Vine Weevil



  • I think I found a VW grup in a potted fuchsia this morning. Which other plants do they distroy?

  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619

    As far as I know, most things. I've had them eat lily roots and mint, a neighbour's had them attack a rose too. All the above have been in containers, though, and I think that's one of their favourite habitats, especially if the drainage isn't as good as it could be.

    I do know of folk who've been plagued by them in their garden borders as well. 

  • Gold1locksGold1locks Posts: 498

    Besides loving practically anything in pots, I know they love heucheras and sedums  in open ground. They have killed quite a few of mine. 

  • Flipping little bar stewards image. We just need to see and stamp on the little critters.  You only really find out when your lovely plant collapses with no root system.

    The BBKA have just said that they don't feel they are convinced that neonictinoids are the cause of bee death (Amateur Gardening).  In addition France have just lifted a 10 year ban on these with no crash in their bee population.  Australia doesn't have a problem with verroa mite.  Maybe the problem is a combination of mite, weather, winter, cold, starvation and some chemicals.  We all urgently need answers.  Keep that 10 year old shouting Dovefromabove,

  • John HardingJohn Harding Posts: 497

    My first encounter with vine weevil was with a Madagascan Dragon Tree plant I bought in a local B&Q Garden Centre. The plant just faded & died and on investigating the soil discovered these little white sickle shaped grubs with orange heads. I haven't really been troubled with the little critters in the garden until this year but my carrot bed is infested with them & I've decided to start again but need to deal with the pests first.  I don't want to use chemicals & I've never used nematodes but am considering that as one option: or heat treating the soil to sterilise it but I'm not sure just how deep the pests bury themselves.

  • Pamela14Pamela14 Posts: 51

    Hi again everyone!

    Thank you for all your valuable advice and such an interesting debate to follow.

    A quick update - I spread the soil out for a day or two (much to the excitement of my two jack russells!) then used it to top up a depleted border that had had elderly lavender in it for many years (now removed and I'm questionning whether to add it to the compost heap).

    As a stop gap before I think of something more dramatic to do I have planted the border up with pretty bedding plants (with the help of lovely hubby) and have stood back to see what happens.

    Everything is healthy so far, early days though. I have since found one VW grub which was unceremoniously squashed!

    thanks everyone


  • Pamela14Pamela14 Posts: 51

    Thanks Verdun - what about adding the lavender?

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