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Problems with a laurel hedge

Hi there,

I am a complete novice when it comes to gardening and my laurel hedge is the first thing I have ever planted!!!

I planted it about two years ago and up until this year it was going quite well!  However, this spring, some of the plants aren't looking as healthy - they have lots of leafs with brown tinges on the ends and holes that look like some sort of slug damage...???

Does anyone know what is wrong with them?  Is this perhaps a result of too much water/too little water or perhaps deficient in nutrients?  We know the soil here is lacking in lime...or are they diseased in some way??

Also - can anyone give me any tips on pruning - i.e. when to prune/how to prune and should we be pruning the lowest shoots to make sure the hedge gets bushy at the bottom?

Any advice greatly appreciated! As you can probably tell - i am a complete beginner!!!

Here is a selection of photos to show the good, the bad and the ugly!!



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    It looks like frost damage, sometimes the whole plant will turn brown, this happened to a neighbours hedge. But don't worry, the brown leaves will fall of and new shoots will sprout, they are very tough. As far as pruning is concerned, I can't help you, don't know enough about it, but I sure someone else on here will know!image

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