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I have room for a honeysuckle, but only one.  I don't want an early flowering one but I've no idea which to choose.  I'd go for disease free and easy to grow if possible and there is a wired fence to grow it against.  Please tell me which one you love.  I have no colour preference except yellow isn't my favourate colour but I have an open mind.  Thank you for your help.


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    I like this one - Lonicera 'Red Gables' but there are many others.  This flowers from midsummer onwards... it has scent in the evenings mostly... less during the day...

    [can't post photo, sorry]...oh, here we go....


  • That's beautiful Salino.

  • I've seen one advertised called Loncera Japonica Darts World.  Its described as pink but looks red.  Do you have any experience of that one?

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    ..I've not grown that one, no... perhaps someone else has here... it looks very nice, a semi evergreen Japonica type... flowers fade to a creamy yellow I think, after starting out pink/white.... certainly makes a change from the usual 'Halliana' that belongs to this group..

  • I think I'll look for red gables.  Thanks so much

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