Senetti Propogation

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I have just purchased a gorgeous Senetti yesterday. I was wondering how to make more of these plants. Cuttings or seed extraction? How would I go about doing this?There is not much on the internet about how to do this.



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    Have you looked at the label on these plants? It said on one I looked at yesterday it is illegal to propagate these without a seed growers licence.

    The Senetti name is copyrighted so I don't think you could sell them as such but they are a hybrid so they might get called something else image


  • Commonly called cineraria.


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    I am a complete novice when it comes to taking cuttings, what confuses me is everyone says to use non flowering shoots for cuttings. but every shoot seems to have a flower on it.

    My wife bought 2 senettis from homebase very nice but a bit on the pricey side, so it would be good if we could grow some for next year from cuttings.

    If anyone could advise me how to go about this I would be very grateful. If only there was a taking cuttings for dummies website!

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    You can get flowering shoots to root try cutting the flowers off when you prick them out so the cutting concentrates on rooting rather than flowering.

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    could you use a "deadheaded" shoot? got plenty of them. sorry to be a numpty but I cant find out what you mean by pricking out, the mrs told me to stop it or she'd deadhead me! ( told you I was a novice lol)

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    So, just got my Senetti,  do I just cut a stem off and put it in rooting powder & then put it in a pot?  OR do I tear of a stem so it has a triangular bit of stem left and then dip it in rooting compost & then pot it up? 

    When do I do this - end of season?  Anytime?  AND what is mpc & perlite?  Yes I am just retired and the garden is my new venture - I realise anyone can do it but .............



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    Yes, Bill, let's be old fashioned together.   I also know them as cineraria. image

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    Why did u buy it as I saw some beautiful pink ones in homebase. Its was so bright it dazzled the eyes
  • image Ive just joined this site specifically to find out how to take cuttings from my Senetti and root them successfully to produce new plants. I'm a novice too, keen, but lacking experience!!

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