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Pick your collective garden brains here. 
I have a jewell border, based loosely on one that was at Chelsea a few years ago. (Not MD)  Through my Carex bronzita jewell coloured plants grow up. 

 I have peone 'Buckeye bell'. Salvia nemerosa carradonna, Rose William Shakespeare 2000, Some iris - burgundy, sapphire blue, deep blue and a wine coloured one to go in. Growing through also is a selection of astrantias. and Lobelia 'Queen Victoria'. there should also be some bright orange tulips but seem to be bashful this year! 
I have widened this bed by about a foot on one side, and also pulled up some of the carex as it was taking over, I was going to put in some Bishop Dahlias till I discovered that they grow very tall, What i need is/are statement plants to come up like jewells. about 60cm - 70cm high 
I had forgotten I needed some until I dug over the bed today. 
It needs maybe 2 plants but they would be repeated as spots (does that make sense) 

Oh there are also lilies  if the lily beetles haven't had them



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    Hi Matty - how about a veronica?  They are a gorgeous deep blue and do very well for me.  Can't remember its name, but it is only a short thing. 

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    Any particular colour or colours Matty?

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    They must be bold and well jewell-like  colours to look stunning (hopefully) not too bushy

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    Will have a think!image

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    How about Achilleas, Alstroemerias,  Red hot pokers , Lupins and Penstemons. There's reds oranges and yellows in the first three and good purples in the two others? All 'spikes' rather than bushy. All fairly easy to get hold of and usually plenty of varieties in most GCs/nurseries.


    Any good Matty?

    to walk through a forest is to touch the past

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    In oder of your list:

    No, yes(maybe) , definately no, no, not really - 

    Sounds fussy, I know but I've been though that lot in my mind.


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    Love-in-a-mist, scabious, dwarf hollyhock Majorette (if you can find plugs),

    some tall chrysanthemum (carinatum, e.g.) if the spot is not sunny enough.

  • Some of the cannas are short enough for u. oriental poppies maybe? purple salvia nemorosa. allium 'purple sensation'. drumstick alllium. yellow achillea. daylilies. red astilbe. pink monarda 'prairienacht'.chocolate cosmos. dahlia 'bloodstone' or 'greenside antonia'. penstemon. lupin 'thundercloud'. Bx

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