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Something is eating my Poppy.....please help

Hi there, I am new to this forum and came across it by accident so I wonder if there is anybody out there that can help me with my dilema.  I have planted so many poppies over the last 2 or 3 years and every time the leaves are being eaten by something..... I cannot see any signs of slugs or any other culprits for that matter on the part of the leaves that are left... Please help as they are such lovely flowers!!!!  many thanks


  • chickychicky Posts: 10,400

    Hi Georgie Girl - are they annual or oriental poppies ?  And have you tried scattering a few of the blue pellets around to see if it gets any better?  Also maybe worth quaranting a few plants inside copper bands to see if they survive - that will tell you whether or not it is slugs (normally is !!).  I also get mice nibbling on shoots sometimes - depends whether you are near fields or woodlands.

  • chicachica Posts: 252

    hi there georgie girl and welcome (i got a film with that title) i get the same problem and i think its mice as i live next to a field i havent seen them,but i did put some slug pellets around them but its still happening so if you find out,let me knowimage

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