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Lilac cuttings

M FentM Fent Posts: 166

Hello all, Ive got a couple of Lilac shrubs that surround my front entrance and I'm wanting to take some cuttings to plant some more around the garden. Ive searched on google how to and they all seem to say that it is extremely difficult to make them root :SS has anyone got any tips on how to? Thanks!!


  • I also need to take some cuttings from a lilac tree that my friend struck as a 'stick' before she emigrated.. It is a beautiful purple tree and i will be moving house and cannot take the whole thing with me. I desperately need to get some cuttings rooted as soon as possible but I too cannot find any information on how to do this successfully! Can any of the Gardeners world gardeners help? I tried to find one of them this year at the NEC but no luck!!  Help please ASAP Thanks.

  • I had lilac bushes and tree for thirty-six years which I took as cuttings from a derlict site.I just took stick cuttings and shoved them in the ground and they have grown and moved with us three times .Alas a virus has struck and they have died but of course they dont go on forever .image

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