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Lawn weedkiller

Just been reading some customer reviews regarding Resolva Lawn Weedkiller.  Some say it is brilliant and some have had entire lawns killed off.  Some of the reviews were quite old so I wonder if there was a batch problem.  I really need to know as I have loads of weeds, dandelion and clover mainly, but am scared of killing my lawn.  Does anyone know the truth? Thank you


  • If you follow the instructions it works-unfortunately people thing a litttle bit more-or a lot more- will work quicker and wont to any harm-fatal mistake that scorches the grass -it wont kill it but it will take time to recover

    If you have a big area -invest in a spreader for even distribution-makes life easierimage

  • Do you know much about spreaders?

  • bigolobbigolob Posts: 127

    What you need is a Selective Lawn Weedkiller. There are many on the market including those added to lawn fertilizers - not for use now with autumn approaching.

    Depending on what weeds you have in the lawn there is Clovertox to clear clover, moss killer, broad lef weeds, eg. plantain and many others. As Verdun says, `spot weedkiller` for localised weeds is also effective, again, depending on just how much weed you have the Selective weedkiller if used according to instructions will not cause any lawn grass damage, only the weeds.


  • bigolobbigolob Posts: 127

    Verdun, it is one which I have seen in garden centres but never used. It sounds as you suggest that it is either too strong for lawns or is NOT a selective weed killer.

  • hi i used it but i did one half of my lawn to see if i could see a diffrence, it did turn greener and if you stood back you could see were i had done so i went on to do the second half and it nearly all turned black but that was the worst side and i have put it down to it was more weeds than grass , i think realy we are all looking for a fast solution and there is not one ask the guys who do the golf greens,

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