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Can anyone tell me what this is plese...



  • ok thanks figrat.. will keep eye on it..


    veggiepatch1.. many thanks for the info.. thought only teh large comfrey made liquid feed. so well pleased to know that. so how long do i leave the leaves stewing.. and in cold water or warm.. sorry never done it before..  and i will cut it down andput some under my beans which i hope to plant out in few weeks as they just coming through now.

    yes the bees are loving it.. so really will keep it.. but will keep it in check.. will do as you say.. am making note in my garden book now.

    the mildew problem is fine as my lungwort suffers that also.. so just cut it back all the time so one more plant ot do wont be a problem.. thank you all so much for your replies.


  • cold water is all you need, ive got an old cold water tank someone was throwing out,i just bung the leaves in, cover with a sheet of wood to stop ankmals falling in and getting trapped,after a few weeks, it goes a greeny brown n stinks, then its ready.  just a couple of capfulls like you do for tomato feed in a watering can is fine.

    enjoy having it in your garden its good stuff.


  • I,ve got something just like that inmy garden and been trying to find out what it is . Mine is much lower than that though- about 6 inches high. Is some comfrey only this height?

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    Jigsaw Gill, I suggest you post a pic on a new thread,  to be get an accurate id.

    Perthshire. SCOTLAND .
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