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mirky pond

Hi i have a large ornamental fish pond 1050gallons it has two waterfalls going into it.

i have goldfish, orfe carp and koi.

every winter the pond is crystal clear but, as soon as the weather warms it goes murky brown.

Is there any advice you can give me to get it clear. it is is the sun until 2pm and is due to be cleaned again as i have trees in the garden.

Is it just the fish causing this or anything else? what can i do to keep it clear?

please help!


  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    you need a good filter system with keeping a  pond clear for koi but an ordinary pond Barley straw helps.

  • My pond like Monty Dons last night. Where is best / cheapest Barley straw to be got. Has anyone really found it works. Reviews on Amazon say yes but are they really proper customer reviews.


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,739

    Hi Linda. Above comments are  right-straw. Watercress also works but has to be a smaller area. It takes up the nutrients the algae feeds on. We had 2 ponds at last house - one really big which fed into a smaller one. Water was from a spring not standing water but the previous owners had neglected them and they were full of c**p from fish (being overfed)and debris! Had to keep working at it. The trees are always a prob so if you can net it that'll save a bit of work. We removed a lot of stuff as the main pond was too big to net and I used watercress in the smaller one and we used straw in the big one. If you have a farm nearby which uses straw that might be best route. Most stables now use shavings so not likelt to get it there. 

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  • Val40Val40 Posts: 1,377

    I have to confess to doing nothing about the murky water. At present, pond as clear as a bell, but a couple of days ago, it started getting a bit murky with all the sun we had here in the SE.  I just try not to worry about it too much, as I've found you can't beat the sun! I keep a check on the water, keep pump and filters relatively clean, make sure there's plenty of oxygen, ie, airpumps and, at present, don't feed too much.  This morning, with the temperature drop, they weren't that interested.  After 10 mins, I scooped what was left out. 

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