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Cat/Bird and Wildlife friendly garden

I have a really tiny garden, just 32ft in length and 18ft wide...I currently feed the birds in the garden as one of my cats goes out on a lead and the other has restricted access.  I want to cat proof my garden but its very difficult as we have trees very close to the fence at the bottom of the garden which I am very reluctant to chop down as we are very overlooked.  I have seen some kind of cat proofed fence that I thought about putting in front of the trees and then have some bird feeders behind this fence so they were safe from the cats.  I need some inspiration!

I also have two rabbits so a hutch and run is in my garden.


  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    If your cats are on harness fixed with a swivel point so as they do not get tangled and on the lawn they will be fine ,put a bell on Their collar to scare birds.Put the bird table high up and out of reach of the cats and nut holders high up in the tree.The birds will come when the cats are in doors and you find it no problem.My daughter does this and her cat is fine and happy and does not catch any birds.

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