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Trees suitable for a private road

Could anyone advise me on trees suitable for a private road. The houses are about 10 metres from the trees, we are on clay. Our current silver birches are causing concern due to the sudden drop of branches into the road, they are inspected every year but worried by them. We would like deciduous trees which will not grow too big and will be light on maintenance plus reliability pest/disease/branch drop wise.

many thanks H


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    If you have acid or neutral soil you could try liquidambar which has golden foliage in spring, green through summer and then glorious reds and purmples in autumn.  It will get to over 12 metres high and about 8 metres wide but only after 25 years or so.

    However, you could consider a native tree such a sorbus aka rowan or whitebeam.  They have creamy flowers in spring and then berries in autum and attractive foliage.  They will provide food and shelter for insects and birds.

    Have a look at these - 

    They all have an Award of Garden Merit form the RHS and none will get to more than 8 to 12 metres high.




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  • How about crab apple? Long season of interest and wildlife friendly, too.

  • Many thanks, I will have a look at your suggestionssuggestions

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