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Greenhouse Glass


Having picked up a 10 x 8 greenhouse for free for the lotti, I now have to purchase about 24 panes of glass which were damaged either by us transporting it or by the previous owner.

We have just received a number of quotes for greenhouse glass, the cheepest being £120.  And, whilst this isn't extortionate amount to enable us to complete our greenhouse i.e. we wouldnt get one that size new, I would like to purchase cheeper glass or other clear materiel i.e. plastic sheeting (not polythene sheets) as it will just rip in the wind (we have very high gusty gales on our site as its very exposed).

Any ideas will be greatly welcomed as I cannot wait to get my seedlings off my windsills and out of the shed into the greenhouse.

We have tried E-Bay, Freecycle etc. oh yes the glass is a really weird size - slightly larger than normal size glass.





  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Expensive maybe, but a worthwhile investment.  Remember you are getting a greenhouse for just £120.00.  Bargain!

    Glass is easy to clean, among other good things.  Make sure you write the correct dimensions for the glass somewhere you can find them as you will inevitably break another in the future.

  • Hi Welshonion, that's a great tip, I think a black permanent marker pen on the inside frame of the greenhouse would be a great place to write the dimensions, Ill definately do that! image


  • Jazzy2Jazzy2 Posts: 36


    had to replace a few panes earlier this year, large panes were  £3 00,so assuming all 24 panes are large  you should be paying approximately £72, or less if some panes are smaller, go direct to your local glaziers cut out any middlemen



  • dannyboy10dannyboy10 Posts: 127

    I pay £3.00 for a 2 by 2 pane of glass

  • thank you for the prices, it seems id be paying too much  ill go direct to a glazier for cheeper prices.



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