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Tomato/Chilli Transplants not growing!


I have been growing tomatoes (various cultivars), chilli's and peppers indoors for a few months now in my heated propagator. Once some grew some true leaves I transplanted into 7cm individual pots in fresh multi purpose compost and left in a homemade tin foil lined box by a south facing window to grow on.

This was almost a month ago and as far as I can see, there has been little or no growth at all in all that time. Is there a reason for this?  

I would even say the foliage looks ever so slightly chlorotic as well - could this be a nutrient deficiency (although this was a multi purpose compost so I can't see how!)?

Some other tomato seeds I sowed after I transplanted the others and left in my propagator for longer have overtaken these transplants already although i'm reluctant to transplant now!

Can anyone help?





  • Hi Tom,

    I blame the too's.

    Too soon, too cold, too dark and worst of all too cold and dark, probably too wet a well

    Sorry for being blunt Tom, not too late to start again, it's been one of those seasons where you have to throw the calendar away and go by conditions.


    Good luck in the future,


  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    Tom, if they had true leaves when transplanted they were ready. You can even transplant at cotyledon stage if you're careful. I do. Despite the tin foil-lined box and the south-facing window, they just haven't had enough light. They might also not be warm enough.

    If you have a desk lamp or similar around the place, put them under the light. Lower the light - or raise the plants - till the light is about an inch and a half above the plants. You won't burn the plants. Leave the light on for at least 12 hours a day. Watch the moisture levels in the mix because the warmth will dry things out.

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