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easy fill

Has anyone got any easy fill hanging baskets?

I have just been to my garden centre and these look great,but at £7.00 each a bit expensive so I came home and searched the internet and found the same ones for £12.99 plus £4.99 delivery but this was for 4.

I did order them after I watched a video about them,and you can get 17 plants into one basket.


  • The problem I have had with all hanging baskets is longevity, I tried wooden baskets and they rotted, the plastic ones went brittle after a couple of years, wire ones need new liners every year. I will be interested to see how you get on.

  • I used them last and was really pleased with the results




  • I used them last year and was really pleased, I managed to plant up 3 baskets in about 45 minutes, so it's not as quick as they do it, but then again it's much quicker than s tandard ones, and there's no damage to the root ball.  The plastic has been UV stabilised, so hopefully should last a few years longer than normal plastic baskets.  I think the weak point will be the lugs where the little gates clip in, if they break, the basket will be of limited use.

    The good thing about them is you can use larger plants than you would be able to with a standard basket, so they look great straight away, and as long as you remember to feed and water regularly, they only get better.

    I ordered another 4 a couple of weeks ago, same shopping channel, and as it was their 'birthday' they were doing free p&p, so was £12.99 for 4.  If you want some more, then wait until this time next year and keep your eye out for the free p&p weekend, and stock up.

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    I never buy basket liners, i always use my empty compost bags black side out, you can cut holes in the sides and once the plants are grown you can't see the basket, i always add water retaining chrystals in with the compost to help with watering.

  • I have 6 of the easy fill baskets 12 inch ones,  I did have 6 of the 14 inch as well but as you say you need a lot of plants to fill them the other problem with the bigger one is actually lifting it to it's hanging position as by the time you have the compost,  plants and watered it there's one hell of a weight in them for that reason I stick to the 12 inch ones I also have the wall baskets which are just as nice.

  • Meant to post this for you they are all 12 inch  easy fill baskets aprt from one


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