I purchased 10 new Malliing Jewel raspberry canes from Hilliers, Bath in December.  The instructions said to plant as soon as possible after purchase.  This I did after Christmas when the weather was better.  I know everything is late this year but I don't seem to have any new growth either on the canes or from below as yet.  The canes had decent roots when planted.  Should I be worried yet? 



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    I autumn fruiting raspberries and they are not doing anything at present. I cut them down in december. So I would say be patient, they will grow.

  • Thanks, Malling Jewel are supposed to be summer.  I chose that variety as they aren't supposed to grow too tall and being on an allotment I wanted to avoid them being rocked by the wind too much.  I suppose I'm anxious as I am going to need to dig out my old canes to plant other stuff soon and I don't want to be without raspberries.

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    Where did you keep the canes until you planted them? image

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    I'm in the West Midlands, andmy  summer raspberries (Glen Ample) are just starting to show the very 1st signs of life after the winter

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    I was also worried about mine, there were no signs of life at all until a few days ago when they seemed to burst into life and are now growing rapidly. Can you see any buds on the stems ?

  • Sorry for not replying before now, computer problems.  As at 28th still no sign of life.  There are buds up each cane but they don't look particularly forthcoming.  I kept the canes in their wrapping for a week or so after purchase as it said and then planted out as instructed on the label.  Of course we have had some terrible weather since and I'm now worried it's killed them before they got going.  I haven't checked today and we have had some warm sunshine.  The fact that others are only just showing life is encouraging.  I'll have to keep my fingers crossed.

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    Hi Lost the Plot - Mine were planted earlier in the year also and I cant remember what type they are!  They havent shown any signs of life as yet either and look like dead sticks!  I'll keep an eye and post if they recover - im well North and it has been a little colder especially at night but everything else is leafing up nicely here in my garden except my canes.

  • HURRAH, finally today there are signs of life!  Popped over this evening after a day of sunshine and one cane has a leaves nearly open and another I can see a bud just trying to break.  That leaves another 8 still looking like dead twigs but at least there is hope.


    Hi Dons1979, I hope yours follow suit, I'm sure they will now.

  • I'm in the same boat - no sign of life yet but had a really sunny day today so fingers crossed were not too far away from life image


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    I put 6 additional new canes in at about the same time but only 4 show signs of life.  I gently dug around one of the non-starters last weekend to have a look and it was indeed just a dead stick with signs of fungal decay;  The hard winter may be at least partly to blame.  Don't worry though if some of yours have also died as the others will soon start spreading by underground runners (although sometimes they can become rather invasive!)

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