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ziggycatziggycat Posts: 5

Hello lovely people!

Any ideas on how to use this plant for cooking. Ive read a few bits about how useful it can be in complimentary medicine but not for cooking.  Ive two patches of it in my garden and just don't know whether to keep it or not.

Any other uses you can think of would be brilliant too!



  • BluebootsBlueboots Posts: 100

    Keep it - it's gorgeous!

    Candied angelica can be bought in silly little containers in supermarkets (at enormous price). My mum used to use it for decorating trifles, but I have a white Christmas cake recipe that uses rather a lot, and it tastes fantastic.I've had to search to find a better source than the supermarkets. Here's a recipe for candying Angelica:

    I've grown angelica to candy, and it grew big and beautiful, but when I picked it the hollow stems were full of insects and threw the lot away - it was disgusting  I've grown it in my new house but it didn't grow very well so I'm still buying the candied stuff.

    Another use is when stewing rhubarb, put an angelica leaf in there too. It tastes good, and it means you don't have to use so much sugar to sweeten it.

    I've just joined the site and I'm not sure of the etiquette. I could post the white Christmas cake recipe if you were interested, or post it to you.



  • ziggycatziggycat Posts: 5

    Thank you so much Blueboots. I shall definately keep it. Im new to using the site too but I would love the recipe for your cake. If you could send it to me via the message service on the GW site that would be fab. Im going to try a bit of candying in the summer. I have rubarb coming through in the front garden so will try it with that too. TX

  • BluebootsBlueboots Posts: 100

    Hi Ziggycat, I tried to send the recipe but the system says you don't receive Messages. Message me when you've set that up and I'll try again.

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