Rambling roses

Can I plant a rambling rose to grow up a fir tree or is the environment too acid?  Have many fir trees and want to make them a little more interesting.



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    ....you can plant one, but it's whether you'll want to spend the time tieing the rose to the tree, as it will need constant attention to train it upwards, as it won't cling without adequate support... a better option that I've seen on pine trees is Clematis montana, as they are self clinging. 

    I'm assuming your pine tree is conical shape.  A rambling rose would  be better rambling through a more open tree with a many branched system so it can weave it's way through.  I planted rose 'Paul's Himalayan Musk' through a big willow tree, for instance... it needed no more help from me, so just a thought there, before you go ahead... as rambling roses naturally will just prostrate themselves along the ground unless you tie them to something or aim them towards an appropriate support...

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    I think the rose would struggle. Conifers suck all the moisture out if the soli with their fine surface roots, as well as the soil becoming acid.

  • plant climbing nasturtiums to create a flowering conifer effectimage

  • Good idea for a small conifer, JW. image Think I'll do that myself. But I'm thinking that this must be a large one for a rambler to be considered??

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    Thanks for all the advice - the montana clematis is a great idea as is the nasturtiums

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    I have a potted rambling rose I would like to plant in an obelisk about 6' tall will it work 

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    What variety is it, Lizyann? If it is a rambler, rather than a climber, it will grow into quite a large plant in all probability. Large plants in pots need a lot of food, a lot of water and a lorra lorra attention.

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  • LizyannLizyann Posts: 35

    It is called little rambler with clusters of tiny pink roses with a lovely perfume pansy face

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    I've just looked at this, we have 6 x 80ft scots pines down the end of the garden as well as two oak and a sycamore (which I'd love to get rid of)

    I was thinking about whether to plant a rose to go up any of these, but love the idea of the montana clematis.   Hmm now which tree to choose for the clematis ?

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    Just bear in mind that clematis are extremely hungry, thirty plants and prefer alkaline to acid soil.  You are going to have to dig a very good hole, nourish it with plenty of well rotted garden compost and some manure and plant the clematis deep and well away from the conifers and then guid it in till it gets established and takes off by itself.

    You'll need to give it an annual winter mulch plus slow release feed clematis food in spring and some liquid tonics of rose or tomato food te minute sprong starts it into new growth as montana flowers early.

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