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have I killed my Dahlias?

Hey guys Hoping to get some advice here on my dahlias. So I purchased some online last Sept and they arrived Friday. All neatly packaged etc but I was expecting tubers and these were young plants. Never mind I thought and followed the instructions of what to do with them to bring them on. Having had huge success with the tubers year in year out I thought this would be no different but after I potted them up and watered them I noticed a couple had started to flop. I put this down to shock and most plants recover after a few more days. But these have just got worse. The smallest ones foliage turned a very ashen shade with dark patches in the middle of the leaves and the others quickly followed. Today they are at their worse, most of the leaves are limp and dead. I've tipped them up and the root systems look healthy but the leaves are horrendous. I'm really hoping they will recover. What should I do?


  • Any chance they have been frosted overnight? If they have you may have lost them. `You could contact the supplier and explain what has happened and who may then send you some more out of the goodness of their hearts. Stranger things have happened.

  • Mildew?Sounds like they sent you rooted cuttings.

  • I have made sure they've not experienced any extreme temperatures. Think I've over watered them. I checked the roots and they seem fine. I'm hopeful that they will put on some growth....I'll keep checking them and see what happens.

    I was not expecting such small plants to be honest...hey we live and learn.
  • If you complain to the supplier the odds are that they will send you new ones but they certainly won't want the old ones back. You may save the first batch, but you have a back-up batch should you not. They owe you a second chance.

  • Thanks so much. I've contacted the supplier unfortunately they do not have many left now as all are ordered the previous year and dispatched spring. They are going to check what they have left and let me know in due course.
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