Phyllostachys Aurea

Hi, I'm a newbie. My husband and  I bought a large golden bamboo from Homebase after bartering with the person in charge over the price. They wanted £40 for it and had it displayed with patio furniture but it looked as though it was potbound and dying so we took pity on it and eventually got it for £10.  Having removed it from its tiny pot we soaked the rootball but it is still very tight. We wanted to keep it in a large pot if possible as we might be moving house next year and would like to take it with us. Can anyone tell me if it would be better to split the plant into two as the stems look fairly green but through not being looked after in store the leaves are very dry and look as though they are ready to drop off. All suggestion welcome. Thanks  



  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,237

    I'd be inclined to keep it together til it recovers but I'm not a bamboo expert.

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    I have two in my garden.One is planted out and is doing very well,it's been in for about eight years.The other i've had for about three years and is in a large pot.It's prone to drying out very quickly and the leaves curl and drop off.I give it a good long soak with the hose and it seems to recover.It too is quite pot bound but as the one planted out hasn't spread i reckon it's happy.

    If i were you pat,i'd leave it as one plant and just make sure to water it often.


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    I think any one is brave to plant a bamboo in the ground,

    as they tend to spread so easily .

    But i agree cut off old leaves, repot and water.

     Did u see MONTY  planting one in a tub last week?

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    It was interesting to read that your bamboo tried to take over your garden Verdun.Mine has barely spread.I wonder why...  I do have another bamboo that i really regret planting now,not sure what it is,can't remember,but it's suddenly had the urge to take over the area around my wildlife pond.It was quite happy to confine itself to an area of about a square foot but now it's marching ever onward.Serious digging required methinks.

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    I have one of these that has spread 30 feet in one direction with the roots being at least 3 feet down.  Take great care

  • KlinkKlink Posts: 32

    I think i just like bad boys Verdun  image


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