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  • Thank you Verdun, have you ever found an everlasting with a fragrance?

    Loz I would not plant out untill they are strong enough to cope with blackbirds digging up my garden and my plants, good luck.

  • Chris, I'm no expert but from everything I've read the perennial sweet peas do not have a fragrance. You could mix a few annuals in so you do get that wonderful smell.

    Where is David K? He is the sweet pea expert

  • Bev thanks for the advice, just hoping.

  • Pamela14Pamela14 Posts: 51

    Morning all! I am taking your advice and cutting my sweetpeas back to about the fourth pair of leaves today as they are looking a little straggly. Would you wait till new, bushy growth is seen before planting out or will they be ok if I get on and plant them out today straight after pinching out?

    Thanks image

  • Hey all, my sweet peas are coming along nicely. I had more seedlings thababy boo canes so I gave a few to the feller next door. But should I have one plant per cane? Would hate to grow too close together and have them come down with mildew.

  • Whoops! Bamboo canes not baby boo canes ????

  • Mine are now growing nicely





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