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I planted Everlasting Sweetpeas early March which are still sitting on my indoor windowsill. They are doing well and are about 6/8" tall but spindley. Should I pinch the tops and if so how? They each have around 5 lots of 2 leaves. Any help gladly appreciated! image



  • LozLoz Posts: 69

    Ok Verdun, here goes, never done this before and it feels sooo wrong! Will this make them bush out?image

  • It'll be fine, don't worry! And yes, they should bush out a little after their trim, especially now the warmer weather SEEMS to be finally upon us.  I have literally just planted seeds of peas, french beans and sweet peas; having moved house over Easter I was a little scared of tiny seedlings getting lost in transit.  Fingers crossed for yours x

  • I wonder if someone could help me, I sowed my Everlasting sweetpeas 2 years ago and they only flowered in the second year, what did I do wrong?

  • The main thing to consider with sweet peas is that they are cool-season annuals.

  • Sorry I did not explain myself clearly, they grew quite happily but never flowered until the second year. I seem to have this problem quite a lot and wondered if it was common enough for someone to have a list. Sadly cold and wet summers I cannot control even in sunny Cornwall.

    Stephen I hope that these are perennialsimage

  • LozLoz Posts: 69

    Well they're all done and sitting pretty, after their trim on the windowsill. When's the best time to put them in the ground. I live in Mid Wales if that helps?

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