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Suitable trellis for fence panels

Hi everyone,

We're planning on putting a lot of trellis on our fence panels to eventually add some screening. We're currently looking at the 6 x 6 feet square lattice trellis panels from Wickes:

The thickness is 36mm. My question is whether this type of trellis is suitable for clematis and the everlasting pea plants? I know that these types of climbers prefer supports that are closer together, so am not sure whether this particular trellis is good enough. We're also looking in to planting honeysuckles too, which I think should be ok for this type of trellis.

Thanks for any help,

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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 65,532

    That's what we have - we've got clematis, honeysuckles and grapevines on them perfectly fine. image

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  • LucidLucid Posts: 381

    Ok thanks for the confirmation Tetley and Dovefromabove.

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  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 3,991
    Screw the trellis panels on to roof battens on the fence. That will give you a bit more space behind them - good for air circulation.
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  • LucidLucid Posts: 381

    Thanks hogweed, we certainly will do that.

    Will this type of trellis also suit a climbing rose? I forgot my partner's got a rose he would like to have climbing too.

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  • LucidLucid Posts: 381

    Thanks Tetley. 

  • Why don't you try with a metal fence panels. something like this:

    Image source:


  • LucidLucid Posts: 381

    Thanks Farrel Homes. We'd already gone for the original planned 6 foot x 6 foot lattice wooden trellis - we want to cover the whole of a fence panel so need the large size. I've seen photos of metal trellis with climbers like sweet peas and clematis so know it does have a nice effect.

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