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Leaf Mulch

| have just setup and chicken wire frame to store leafs on over winter and into next year to use here and there when needed

previously i used black bags but im sure i read in wire would be better but now also reading that black bags is always better

what do people recommend as the best correct method?  

if using wire mesh do i need to try and cover with plastic etc to hold in some heat?

mesh just looked a bit more professional in the garden  image






  • You could always run the lawn mower over them first, that way you can get more leaves into your leaf store, and they will rot down faster. Keep them damp.

  • yes thats what i was thinking or buy a shredder. lawn mower would work just may get the flying every where lol


    just wasnt sure if better to be in bags.  the store will be open to the elements all year





  • Ive always done it in bags, but I'm in the process of building a new 3 bay compost with an added section for leaves, like yours mine will be chicken mesh sides.

  • not sure the hover mower would be that good to cut up but maybe a strimmer when all in the wire bin if im careful of course

  • That could work, or just compress them as much as you can. Personally id cover mine, but I guess other don't?

  • well i may just add some mesh or a bit of wood on top as weight and to help stop all blowing out.... close to the washing line etc

    maybe add a half size cardboard wall also inside to help keep in and keep more heat and moisture in


  • Hello all, 

    I have got a big hip of fallen leaves from council guys. Right now they are on my driveway. I have tried using lawn mower on wet leaves but it clogs up quickly. I have got raised bed which needs filling up. I know ppl talk about black bin bag and all but it is not practical for me. My question is, can i just dump all the leaves in the raised bed. Lets say if they dont get composted by next april then can i saw the plant in them anyway? I dont want to rotate the mulch once i have dumped it on the raised bed. 

  • it will slowly compost down and you can make spaces for plants to grow, else will suffocate some what


    ive only managed to get an area of about 2foot high of leaves, wanted a lot more but couldnt find any more and missed the collection from down the road

  • Thanks a lot. In my case, i just spotted the guys in the area who were collecting leaves from the footpath. I asked them and they dumped the whole trailer worth leaves which are already damped.

    I hv got new raised bed so it should be enough to fill the bed up.
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 58,815

    The leaves won't have rotted down into leafmould by April - you need to organise some way of turning these leaves into leafmould - it sounds as if you have a lot of leaves - have a look here

    Just putting the leaves in an empty raised bed will not work.


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