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Soil or Compost Mix for container

Hi All

I have a container that is approx the size of a bath tub. I am looking to plant it with border plants, bulbs etc and was wondering what planting medium should i use to  fill such a container. Soil, Compost or a mixture?

Any help would be great.




  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Neil, you say nearly the size of a bathtub so what is it, metal wood, brick.
    Has it drainage holes, if so well and good, pile in a load of drainage crocking, broken brick, gravel. If you have any old compost, soil, soil sand and gravel mix then dump it in remember border plants and bulbs do not need really deep soil, a foot or so of good stuff will do.
    Top up with good compost or compost and soil mix, some GC's and supermarkets were selling three bags for £10, mix in some fine grit and some of your own compost if you have any and then plant up.
    Watch the watering for a couple of weeks once planted then a mulch of compost now and then will give healthy plants.


  • Ne1lNe1l Posts: 28

    Thanks very much for the reply.

    Its a very robust bath used for builders rubble or washing pets

    I have drilled several holes for drainage. Fill with 2 terracota pots worh of rubble and some large stone. Ive filled with some top soil from a well know DIY centre. I have bagged up some leaves from last autumn. Should I incorporate that into the soil? I did notice eggs in it before bagging it up before christmas. Could I used grit from a well know DIY store?

    Thanks again



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