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Jasmine In Shade

FrozzFrozz Posts: 78


My Wife would like Jasmine growing up our shed, to the right of the shed door which is north facing.  I have monitored sun over weekend and the area gets no sun.

So, my question...can jasmine grow in total shade? if so is there a specific kind I should get?



  • Red TulipRed Tulip Posts: 20

    I have had jasmine (officinale, i think - the white summer flowering one) growing over an arch in partial shade with overhanging trees. It does grow but not alot and it has never flowered, its at least 8 years old, perhaps this is due to competition from the trees but overall it has been a disappointment. A rose on the other side of the arch does well and flowers fine.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    As Tulip says, it will survive but not flourish, and won't flower well, which is after all the point of the exercise I imagine!  Try growing it in a pot in sunshine and then moving it ti the point of desire for at least a while?  If it is perfume you want on that site, several of the good scented honeysuckles don't mind shade, and will flower and perfume at least at the top where the sun is.  Although there are many lovely things that do well in shade, scented climbers for that site seem to be rare.  

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