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Any advice on growing raspberries greatly received e.g. best soil type and growing tips. Having trouble with water logged clayey soil.


  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,731

    MrCP, for starters, they need well-drained soil so you'd have to dig in a lot of organic material to aid the drainage. Apart from that, they're not difficult. They like lots of sun. Here in central Italy it gets achingly hot in summer so mine are in a spot that you'd describe as part shade. They thrive.

    You'll need sufficient space to provide some sort of support for the canes as they grow. Traditionally they're tied to wires strung tightly between sturdy stakes or poles. Canes can grow to 6' or more.

    Pruning methods depend on whether you grow summer- or autumn-fruiting varieties.

  • Thanks. I dug out most of the cloddy stuff yesterday and replaced with some much better soil... fingers crossed.

  • tiptonnictiptonnic Posts: 26

    I give mine a feed with tomato fertilizer when the fruit begin to form

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