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Brown seedpod??

I was given this 'present' by my 5 yr old son, enroute back from Portugal. He found it on the ground with other assorted detritus, but keen to capitalise I showed him that it was a seed pod and had seeds inside. Only problem is I am unable to locate it on the web to show him what tree it comes from. I seem to remember seeing them hanging from trees in Portugal but cant remember anything else about them. It would also be good to know if they are plantable?

All ideas welcome,


 Kind regards,



  • Well thank you very much, I just googled it and was amazed by the blue foliage and got all excited about having a go until I read it wont withstand frost. I live in the  midlands, any point in me having a go?

  • Thank you Jo, will have a crack I think, may move me to tears though if I move them outside once grown and they succumb! 

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